Neighbors and neighborhoods

in 20704, 20705, 20740, and 20783.

Fostering a neighborly spirit within the communities and a civic pride in Beltsville itself.
What We Do


 We promote public interest and to share information of interests to households in Beltsville; an active interest by residents of Beltsville in all aspects of the community welfare; and to motivate constructive participation in the civic affairs


How You Join Us

The RBB is open to all adults

(18 years old or older) that live within the Beltsville boundaries. If someone owns residential property within our boundaries, but rents their home to someone else, that individual

may be a member.


Who We Are


We're homeowners and renters, parents, retirees, and business owners, promoting all efforts toward civic engagement and community betterment in Prince George's County, and specifically in the area embraced within the boundaries of the RBB.


We are your neighbors. We are individuals, just like you, who live in Beltsville. Some of us are parents, retirees, and new to the area. We all agree on one thing, we love our Beltsville Community and want to do all we can to make it the best it can be. We wanted a place where we could come together to get active and monitor matters ranging, but not limited to beautifying our community, infrastructure, education and future school construction, new and changing development, smart growth, geographical environmental impacts, neighborhood safety, and community resources; and thus created the RBB.

If you care about the Beltsville community like we do, we hope you'll join us.


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We'd love to hear from you, our neighbors.